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Our country tungsten molybdenum vanadium industry current situation
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2011China International Tungsten Molybdenum Vanadium Development Forum, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association vice president of the China

Mr. China tungsten molybdenum vanadium industry current situation and development direction of the full report.

At the meeting, he pointed out, the strong performance of tungsten price2010, over 2008pre-crisis levels. Tungsten concentrate price annual from 70000 yuan / ton up to 108000yuan / ton, up 54% compared to the same period. Primary smelting products APT price: from 107000 yuan / ton rose to 169000 yuan / ton. Tungsten concentrate output annual production of 115000 tons (or65%WO3), or metal to measure 59000 tons, an increase of 16%, accounting for more than 80% of the world total.

Tungsten export recovered significantly, total annual export 22000 tons of metal, an increase of 74%, to92% in 2008.

China molybdenum concentrate production of about80000 tons, grow 9.6% compared to the same period; still resides the first in the world, accounting for 37.4% of. On 2010, Chinese molybdenum exports amounted to 19500 tons, an increase of 1.35%, molybdenum exports amounted to 17000 tons, drop compared to the same period 51.3%, net imports of 2500 tons. Molybdenum products import and export pattern of net imports to the net export transformation.

Vanadium valence in picked up somewhat 2010, but the overall pile up in excess of requirement, or not. China remains the world's largest vanadium production country, in 2010 accounted for51.6% of world total output

The export side,2010 our country export vanadium products about 15000 tons (or V2O5), compared to the same period doubling. Exit five vanadium oxide7045 tons, an increase of 64%; vanadium iron about 6000 tons, an increase of 140%; vanadium nitrogen alloy 217 tons, increase 146%

Domestic consumption, in 2010China vanadium consumption of about41000 tons (or V2O5), an increase of 13%. The iron and steel industry is the main consumption area of vanadium, vanadium accounted for about90% of total consumption.

The expected global tungsten consumption forecast for the next 5 years the average annual growth of 4%, our country tungsten demand forecasts future 5 years the average annual growth of 6%.

Finally he summarizes the development trend of tungsten molybdenum vanadium Twelfth Five-Year plan:

1: the rational development and utilization of domestic resources, prevent excessive consumption of resources;

2: strengthen the rare metal new materials research and development, accelerate the upgrading of products;

3: control low-level repeat construction blindly, accelerate the change of growth mode;

4: speed up structure adjustment, promoting the strategic reorganization and integration, improve the industry concentration degree;

5: to promote energy saving and emission reduction, reducing energy consumption;

6: strengthening the comprehensive recycling of resources, the development of circular economy and green economy;

7: the active use of foreign resources, enhance resource to ensure ability.


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